Friday, 19 December 2008

The Biggest Exhibition Car.

Issues of global warming become the theme of this Biggest exhibition car. Around 1,081 companies compete display friendly vehicles mainstay neighbourhood.As many 88 new vehicle models shown in the exhibition automotif one of the largest in Europe this. Many of the car "green" will compete with each other shows the progress of technology. This car is a combination of kitchen pacemaker economical petrol and diesel and low emissions. Volkswagen (VW) display at least six models that promote the theme BlueMotion diesel technology. As DiesOtto, BlueMotion creation VW is also promising economical engine beremisi low. Volvo will also showcase the latest variants of C30. In addition, Porsche also shows the speed at the legendary 911 model with a turbocharged GT2 strength. Meanwhile, the Bentley Continental GT series shows Speed, a "fast" from the standard model. Jaguar does not want to lag with the show for the first time Jaguar XF Series 2009.

Honda Introduce Future Hydrogen Car

American Honda Motor Co.., Inc.., Introducing the concept of sports-car future newest arena in the Los Angeles Auto Show 2008, California, United States, which is open to journalists on 19 November local time or 20 November Indonesian time. Concept car is given a name Honda FC Sport and it is no longer rely on engine oil. Instead, the car will use the hydrogen. With this instructor, Honda FC will be a zero emissions sports car. FC Sport is a concept sports car future results of the work Jason Wilbur, a young designer from Honda R & D Americas, Inc.., In Pasadena, Los Angeles. Planning is also introducing the car to journalists who cover the opening of the exhibition in the middle of the financial crisis that the United States and the world at this time.

Motor Power

Unique features of the sports car is the future of this category as supersport three seats.
According to Honda, fuel technology is adopted from a car fuel cell Honda V-Flow, which has been used in the Honda sedan FX Clarity. Special to FC Sport, is designed more flexible modification easy to do later. As a supercar, FC designed with a light weight, and the flat's. Source of visitors, electric motor. With this in the back of a car muffler no longer give the impression that Macho. Also ascertained, car racing is no longer the roaring loud, such as sports cars now that rely motor fuel.
Explained, this sports car is inspired by hydrogen supercar that there is now. For that, the body made as light as possible. Thus, the ability of the car to accelerate very superior and fasten also able to achieve higher speeds. Honda FC on this, obtained from the hydrogen fuel cell stacks. Furthermore, hydrogen is used to create electricity and stored in batteries. When the car fastten, electric motor will get the supply of electric energy directly from the batteries.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Asus Eee Box B203.

Asus recently announced a cheap desktop to the latest internet, Asus Eee Box B203. As originally estimated, the computer table is not so pretty far different from the previous edition, the Asus Eee Box 202.
Interestingly, this time Asus is no longer rely on the Intel Atom processor, such as the Eee Box B202, but using the Intel Celeron. In addition, Asus is also the option to add storage on a computer model to provide hard disk drive capacity of 120 GB and 160 GB. The previous version only offers 80 GB of storage. B203 is equipped with four base USD, pembacar flash memory card, DVI outputs, and Ethernet connections and Wi-Fi. Computer is running Windows XP Home, however, recommend more Asus Vista.

Until now, Asus has not spread price. But with the changes in the use of Intel Atom processor to Intel Celeron, it is estimated that there will be a decrease in the price of U.S. $ 350 (about Rp 3.8 million) to U.S. $ 240 (about Rp 2.6 million).